Blurring Backgrounds!

I realised that people like to use blurry backgrounds, but not everyone likes the coding part, so here I blur them for free of charge and credit!
idk if this will ever be used but if it gets closed and u still need one, just pm me!

here are some…


Iove your back found .

ty but they are episode’s

idk if u meant how I blurred dem sorry if I misunderstood

That good

I need me cover photo body not use let.


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I am think a story I had bad day

I don’t understand what you are trying to say…

I. Am try. Do a story but I am thank story need to do .today I have bad day today .try work on cover up story .for me .come with some idea on a story

I don’t come up with ideas, I just blur backgrounds… if u need a background blurred, put the image in ur post plz, so I can blur it

hiya, can you please blur this image for me or if you know the coding for it on the app, that’s fine too. I want it to fade in preferably. but otherwise, blurring in will do fine. please and thank ya.

Sorry I am late, but here it is!

Tell me if u want it spinny-like, like this:

Its fine, dont worry… That one will do! Thank ya for ur help! Appreciate it.

hey bb could you blur this for me ??

I got ye!

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thanks girly

Do you want me 2 size it 4 yuh 2, or r u okie with the current size?

im okay w the size:)) thanks bbg! how do i credit you?

no credit needed!

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alrighty <3