Blurry background

Could anyone make this background clearer if possible. And also level the background so it can face in front?


Where’s the background you’re talking about??

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Crap I forgot to put it on there :woman_facepalming:t5: Sry but that it’s up there now :joy:

I forgot to put it up there but it’s there now :sweat_smile:

What do you mean by “level the background so it can face in front” ?

Like this, I wanted it more like this background since I can’t explain it correctly :sweat_smile:

You mean a close-up? More “zoomed-in” ?

I think she means she wants a ground-level perspective

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Okayy. Thanks!

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Seems like I am really bad at this, but I tried a few things anyway.
Sorry if it’s not what you need.
edit5 edit4 edit3 edit2 edit1

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Thx I like the last one. Is their anyway it won’t be blurry though?

I will try do make it look sharp and still good. But I’ll do it later, kinda busy now.

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ok :blush: