Board Aesthetics

Hello Episodians! Just found out about things called mood boards or whatever… :sweat_smile:
So… I guess I wanted to try it out! :purple_heart: So I have made a few so far but in my examples are two different versions one without character and one with. It’s all up to you what kind you want tho!!

I hope the boards I will be making help take my mind of my grandma just found out she has coronavirus so I am sending even more prayers to all you guys who have lost a family member or who have a sick family member thank you.



Screenshot (354)

Erm so here are the forms I guess!

Character Aesthetic

Character? (Please enter an image that way I know I didn’t mess up!
What They Like??
What is the color theme/themes?
What is the mood? (Sad, anger, love, etc.)
Would you like their name present? If yes, please state the name
Characters Details

Normal Aesthetic

What pictures are you expecting or want?
What is the mood? (Sad, anger, love, etc.)
What is the color theme/themes
Would you like anything present on the aesthetic? (Words, quotes, etc.)

So go wild I guess Heh


Hey, if you can could you make me one?

I would like a normal aesthetic one but it’s based off a show, is that okay?

Quotes/funny pictures from the tv show “brooklyn 99” (you can find these on pinterest)


Don’t mind what the colour theme is as long as it’s based off brooklyn 99

Any quote from the show (you can search it)

Yeh thanks!

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Yes of course! I will get on it now!

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Cool, thank you!