Boarding School Plotlines?

I would like to create a boarding school episode, I have a few plotlines ready, but would love to know which ones you would like + which themes you would want to be covered <3

  • students murder another student on accident
  • students murder another student on purpose
  • Transfer student to prestigious school
  • The boarding school is for special kids (magic, super powers, killers, something else, comment below)
  • Anything else you really want to see! Comment below!

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  • religious school (christian)
  • lgbtq+
  • school “houses”
  • murder
  • mystery
  • magic
  • super powers
  • enemies to lovers

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I’m stuck between magic and murder ha ha ha,
Just a suggestion but what about putting 1 or 2 of them together? for example you could have a school for the supernatural (magic, super hero etc) and a murder takes place or some sort of evil person/spirit is draining kids of their powers to become the most powerful supernatural in the world…
when drained of their powers they could either become human, disappear, fade away etc.


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