Body Accessories (freckles, tattoos, etc.) Issue

When Episode announced that they would be releasing bodily accessories (such as freckles, tattoos, beauty marks) I was very excited! However, when I went to use these new characteristics, I was disappointed. They were part of outfits and not actually part of the character, making it initially impossible for the main character of a story, (if the reader customizes them) to wear. Instead, they had to be added on to every outfit, which was frankly a little annoying. Could we have these options similarly to how we have the men’s facial hair so that they are part of the actual character? I would love to use these new features but it’s hard.


I get your point but hey, it will work out soon. Everybody wants a new feature

I think the outfit was actually better- it is annoying, but if it was a face shape, there would be only one face shape for this- which would also be annoying, so I think having them as clothing was actually a better choice- and I also think beards should have been like this to make it available for all face shapes.
Just my opinion.

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