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Ok, my other one got taken down for being a duplicate but the one that girl reported was nothing like what I said. I said I want a pregnant body not just the clothing like it said in that other person’s topic if they added a pregnant body it would be amazing because they can still wear crop tops and take baths pregnant and still wear bath suits and again this isn’t about the clothing so pls don’t go trying to take down my thread person who I won’t name. so far iv seen nothing similar next to this so I hoping it stays up pls. it takes time to make these and I don’t wanna have to make another post about something else and it is taken downtime and time.,anyway, it would be amazing to see it grow from time to time and have the guy be able to kiss the belly and hold it with the girl it would bring this to life for people with a pregnant story.


and i understand maybe some people have said some sort of the same thing but i didn’t copy anyone thread theirs no point but this is just my opinion


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Support but the title is wrong

This is a duplicate thread though? @Sydney_H

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