Body Color changed in story


Hey writers and readers
Ive published my story : FOLLOW HIS LEAD
I was checking it again to take screen shot and realised that the bodycolor of my main character changed.
On the pc I can see the bodycolor TAUPE
But playing it on my phone I see bodycolor light.
I’ve also check the character edit: it shows bodycolor TAUPE.
What must I do. Can someone read it to send me a screenshot to see which color the character really has???
I will be so thnkfull for that




Thanks ill with… send me a screenshot of Crystal please


Can u send the link of your story?





Looks like this :slight_smile:


Aaaaa thank GODDD
Hey thank you so muchhhh​:heart::heart::heart:
Do also have a story? I can read it also
And maybe you can give me feedback


I have one out because I helped but idk lol and my story I am still working on it but I will still continue reading ur story :smirk:


Oke goodd… al the best