BODY: Imperfections

Ok like hear me out, I really didn’t wanna use the word imperfections but I couldn’t think of another word for like things that just sets people irl apart from each other and like right now every character has the same perfect skin and body and the only thing that you can really change to make a character more appealing is face shape and face features like mouth, and nose shape.

But my point is that Episode should add stuff like acne, body hair, and other things like that that can really make a story more realistic cause right now if we have a character walk through a street everyone has a perfect body and skin and stuff. I think that would help authors so much cause then for example if we have a story about a nerd in high school and she’s bullied by the supposed queen bee of the school with perfect everything then it would really be useful in this instance to show something about the nerd that the bully is commenting on if say she gets a huge makeover then we see an actual difference between her before and after self.

Now I’m not saying that acne, body hair or other natural things like these make someone imperfect these are completely natural things that don’t make you any less beautiful than you are :two_hearts: but i think everyone agrees that Episode characters have the best skin anyone can ask for and I just think that episode should add these kinds of things. Also I know that they’re releasing the body types update at some point and I don’t know the body types they’re gonna have on there but this is post is just from the point of view of the character creator right now :smile:


Frekles and body hair is available in ll under outfit section

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yeaa ik but I mean like in the character customisation and stuff beyond freckles and body hair

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