Body Size Visual Effects?

Ah. I’m back from the dead, Halloween has awakened me.
also please don’t take offense to anything in this

Anyways, long story short, I want to write a story where the MC is a bit thicker/heavier than the average person. Obviously, Episode doesn’t have body sizes to choose from, you’re kinda stuck with the hourglass, big chest, small waist look. However, by doing a few things, you can create a type of illusion that your character is a bit different.

What I’ve tried to do is use more ‘baggier’ clothes on the character, and give her the ‘puffy cheek’ face (the double chin one makes her look 40). I also put her hair down because I feel like that helps a bit. This is a very rough draft, and I wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas of how to create the illusion of a thicker girl. I’m welcome to all ideas! (also, she isn’t supposed to look god-tier sexy with her clothing, the character is a bit shy of herself)


I really like this character and I like your idea for her! From personal experience I think the baggier clothing is good. I know I used to wear leggings and baggy hoodies all the time in dark colors. I also never used to wear jewelry because I didn’t want to attract more attention to myself. and I also wore my hair down a lot. :blush:


Thanks! That helps a lot! Always good to get knowledge from people who have experienced the stuff I’m trying to write about, helps a ton!

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