Body sizes between male and female

Hi everyone :smiley:
So I’ve been on Episode for a few years and this didn’t really draw my attention until I started reading this particular series, which I obviously won’t name. In this story, the main characters are in the mafia and are assassins, not magical creatures, which sometimes does make your body size change. Since they are just humans, I’d expect their bodies to be at least sort of similar? In this series, the men’s bodies are huge compared to the girls, most of the girls are way below the dude’s shoulder and they look like a little kid compared to them. I’m not sure what height they are but all the men are way over six feet and the women all look shorter than 5 feet? Aha, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, but has anyone else noticed this…? :))


I don’t like that…

I mean, men tend to be taller than women, but why does every girl need to be short and every man needs to be tall?


I haven’t really read anything with this happening, but I do notice that I’ve never seen a female character the same height or taller than a male character.


I know, right! Not every girl is only 5 feet and not every guy is 6’3 :sweat_smile:


I think that Regina has a story where the MC is very tall, but idk if she is the same height as LI


Every story female is like a child in front of male like we all are just. 5 or below 5.
And the guy is like 6’4
That’s really stupid actually


I think the worst part about this is that they’re not spot directed to be shorter, they’re literally scaled down to be tiny. I use scales for my characters, but they’re like 1.0 vs. 1.05. I swear some authors make the woman 0.8 and the man 1.2!

I always make a conscious effort to make other characters (including male characters) shorter, taller, and the same size as my MCs because that’s… how height works in real life lol


I’ve noticed this in a lot of ink stories and it just doesn’t look right cause the girls are like half their size, every boy is the same size and every girl is the same size (like there are only two heights in the story; boy or girl height), and they look like children when they’re lifted up to kiss their LIs. It weirds me out so much.