Bodybuilding and Queer Content?

I think we’ve all been in that situation where we would love to see things from our personal lives expressed in Episodes stories and for me my experience as a gay man into bodybuilding is one of them. Like, there’s just so much that can be done with it, but still seems hard to do here. I’m not worried about a “potential lack of interest” tbh because people still need more exposure to begin with. Anyway, think it would be a good basis for a story and obviously fictionalizing and dramatizing and adding whatever narrative elements we wanted would allow for the story to live on its own without being dependent on the author’s personal life. Just my view. I’m sure plenty of you have thoughts. Please share!

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If you are looking for ideas I don’t know to much about bodybuilding, but I think it would be cool if someone/body builder was working on building confidence and their gym/ spot partner was their wing man who was maybe to trying to set them up with somebody?

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Hmmm maybe they are shy because the stereotype is that bodybuilders are tough right because of all the muscles? What if this one wants to be the little spoon or be given chocolates and roses and be serenaded with sappy love songs? I guess they would also not wanted to be chosen due to looks alone. They would want someone who looked farther than skin deep?

----awww man I am usually against cliche sappy stuff yet here I am :smiley: suggesting it

oh and just because I love it could they be a bio nerd? Just rambling on why you need a consistent healthy sleep schedule because circadian rhythms and how awesome ATP synthase is :heart_eyes:

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