BodyColor 'Fair Gold'

It keeps saying that the body color ‘fair gold’ doesn’t exist. I tried deleting that part but then it just switched to the next one. Yesterday everything was fine and it saved without errors but now it won’t anymore. It’s so annoying! Can anyone help me out please?

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They’ve changed the names of the limelight body colours

They’ve changed the names and tweaked the skin colours a little bit.

Oh gosh! So I can’t use the the previous templates? Dammit, I just finished to add the family members and now I can start over again!

You just need to change the names of the skin colours, everything else will be fine

okay, thanks for helping!

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For some reason, when I practiced on my limelight story (not going to publish since it’s just to practice directing, customization, other stuff on) if you had the old template and don’t re-save, then it still works. However, when I made an episode 4, and put the old template in it, it showed up as error, BUT it still gave me the option to publish. And yes, this update has driven me mad-not in a good way. Luckily, it’s only the skin tone names that changed and can easily be incorporated into the template, making a few changes.

This is the main thread stating the change:

You could always check this out:

dara.amarie.ep has changed the skin tones in all her limelight templates, so you could use them
on the writer’s portal, when you’re working on an episode, on the side you’ll see script templates, Click that, and then you can click on either Avatar - Limelight Female or Avatar - Limelight Male.
Choose one of them.
For example, if you click on Avatar - Limelight Female , you would need go to assigned character, and scroll down to the character you want to customize (ex. a character named YOU) and then, you get your template placed in your script.

Episode has updated their Skin Tones.


Here is an image of all of the new names for them. Please have a look at the Gold section.