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Can I get a splash done
I need one male character on it

His look

Skin color- neural 01
Round thick ginger red eyebrow
Generic short ginger red hair
Male generic hazel eyes
Male generic face shape
Male generic nose
Medium straight natural fair rose matte lips

  • Rectangular thin metal black glasses
  • Loafer penny black leather shoes
  • Button up rolled up sleeves vest cotton blue navy
  • pressed slack pants cotton neutral cream
  • rectangular thin metal black glasses

I would like the title of the story Dear Mr know- it all
His pose- talk_pointup_pretentious
I don’t need it soon but is a month okay?


News paper with a mystery man but male character stands out of paper background
visual ex.

That’s it! Thanks


@Maria.StoryWritter do you thank you can do this one? I’m going to start on the other one in a moment.


I have 2 people ahead of this one. I will see what I can do.


Okay I didn’t know. If I get done with the other one before you start this one then ill do it. :blush:


You are on the list :blush:


Here is your request let me know if you want any changes.


I love it!!! Thank you :sweat_smile:


Your welcome. :blush:


wow you’re good. I’ll be sure to credit


Thanks. :heart_eyes:


Sorry, I tried to upload it into episode backgrounds and it won’t fit :confused: it’s 281x500


Hmm, the size is 640x1136.
Give me 1 second.


@emmazapp check now. The size is 640x1136


Yes it does! Thanks so much!


You’re welcome. :sunglasses:


Your covers are so beautiful, @Maria.StoryWritter and @Bethany1 .




Thank you :blue_heart:




Hi again! Glad to see you guys partnered up! :heart:
Who would you like to make it: @Maria.StoryWritter (or if @Bethany1 can do it, then sure. But It’s drawn so…)
What would you like:
A drawn art scene
How many characters:
If you want it to say anything about it:
Nada for now
Poses or how you would like them to look:
When would you need it by (Remember good art takes time):
Hmmm…maybe by Thursday?
She’s leaning against a brick wall.
Anything else you want us to know: