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Okay, let me know if I need to change anything before I add the background for you.


@stev1997 request completed.


I started on your request it will take me a couple of days.


That’s alright, take your time!


Thank you! Which name should I use to credit you? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I not sure what the size it need to be is lets a says the size for a large cover
(i’m guessing )


Do you want it to be 1,2 or 3 zones?


Yea can you put an air port back round and also add your credits some on the picture to say it was by you




@tehxwrites is this something for you?


Yes and yes :blush:


kk :slight_smile:


Is this background okay? If not find something else :blush:


oh yes, thank you


Can you use this image
For the the background




Hope you like it. :blush::blue_heart:

Remember if you post on IG tag me in picture @bethany1991bradley :blush: Also can you send the link to your story? I would love to read it. Needing something to read while I wait for more chapters on other stories.


Maria.storywritter it’s my forum, Instagram and Episode name.


Would you like to request? :blush: If so I’m free to start on a cover splash pfp or art scene just let me know. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blush:


Oh yes please! I need a cover pfp x
What I would like is a girl ( who has dark brown, long wavy parted hair,blue/green eyes, grecian soft shaped nose,triangle defined face shape, arched natural eyebrows which are same coloured as hair and could you add freckles?)
She can be wearing what you see in the link or something similiar :grinning:
The name of the story is The One For Me by tehya_episode
Once you have done that, I will tell you how I want the backround x thank you so much
Tell me if I am missing something aswell…