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yea of course , i uploading my story part by part , and it might take a while for them to approve the picture so i can you it (And i’m make sure to @ u Thanks for the art sence too it looks really good


So I actually finished today. It was easier. Here it is tell me if you want me to change anything. Also you asked for a banner did you still need it. And how would you want it?


Thank you so much! :heart::heart: What should I credit you as?

And also, I want a banner like this:

And it says “Welcome!”


@Bethany1 hey sweetie are you doing @tehxwrites cover if so here is the picture that the link did not show up. This is the character and clothing.


Same as my forum name. You just want it to say welcome or would you like your character in it saying welcome?


No, just say “welcome”


Ok, I am going to charge my phone then I will start. I will do it soon. Since it’s easy and quick. What color do you want the letters? What size you want the banner?


I want it to be pink and a really beautiful font.

You know how you go visit someone’s profile on the forums, and you see the big banner behind their profile picture? I want it to be big enough to fit in my profile.


Ok, Got it. :sunglasses:


That’s fun. :blush:Thank you for letting me do it.


What kid of pose would you like her in?


Do you also make Limelight covers? :sweat_smile: :pray:


Could you do a wink pose if not any :grin:


Here are a couple of them.


Yes, we do.


Do one of you have time to help me out with a cover? :sweat_smile:


Yes I can do that :blush:


I am starting something now but one if us will do it as soon as we can just leave all details we well let you know as soon as we start it and who is starting it. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blush:


I’m looking for an art scene If I’m missing anything please let me know. :blush:
Who would you like to make it: Bethany1 if possible I love your art
What would you like: my character Kelly back against a wall with chase standing in front of her with one arm on the wall by her head.
How many characters:2
If you want it to say anything about it:
Poses or how you would like them to look:

When would you need it by (Remember good art takes time) I won’t need till a few more chapters so whenever you can get it completed
Anything else you want us to know:


Yes, as soon as I finish the one person in front of you’s cover I will start there’s will take a few days.
Do you want me to have is zoomed in on then or far away showing the hole kitchen? I can do it zoomed but it will only show the wall and nothing else. Just let me know. :blush: and thank you.