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Great . :slight_smile: I would like it zoomed in. Thank you again


Okay thank you, do you want me to sent the details again or have I not sent them yet ?

Also I won’t tell you about the backround yet, once you have finished with the character part then i’ll explain :heartbeat:


Hi! I was wondering if you could do an edit for me for a cover. I want the MC on the front (it’s LL) and in in a certain outfit. Here is the look I want:
I want the background as something heavenly. (background angels, marble pillars, etc.)
The MC’s look is:
Skin Color: Copper 00
Brows: Arched Natural in chestnut brown
Hair: Long feathered in dirty blonde
Eyes: deepest downtured in blue green
Face shape: heart soft
Nose: round button upturned
Lips: Full heart pouty in pink warm gloss
For the MC’s outfit:
Something angelic with wings and a halo
For another character: (Cameron)
Skin: Rose 03
Brows: Light brown in round thick
Hair: slicked back solid in chestnut brown
Eyes: Male deep sunken in hazel
Face shape: triangle chiseled
Nose: greacian narrow
Lips: medium straight natural in beige rose
Cameron is wearing a white tux and angel wings and halo
im sorry i just wanted to make sure you had all this info :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: tysm!!!


Thank you for helping me our again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hearts:

The female:
Body: neutral 03
Brow: Round Thick
Hair: Rose gold, Long Feathered
Eyes: Violet, Deepset Downturned
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round Broad
Lips: Beige rose, Full Round Pouty

The male:
Body: neutral 04
Brow: Furrowed Straight S
Hair: Black dark, Slicked Back Solid
Eyes: Hazel dark, deepset downturned
Face: Triangle Chiseled Scruffy Beard
Nose: Male Generic
Lips: Beige rose, Medium Straight Natural

If you can, I would like if the poses could be something like this. But if you can’t do that, I can find another pose


Do you have a background you would like? Also, do you need the title to be put on? If you are looking for backgrounds I recommend looking in since it is free to use.


Yes I would like the title on. The title is: The fear
Just a black background :smile:


Ok, do you want both have an expression to be happy.


yes please :hearts:


Who would you like to make it: @Bethany1
What would you like: Art scenes
How many characters: 2
If you want it to say anything about it: No
Poses or how you would like them to look: guy comforting girl
When would you need it by (Remember good art takes time) Really not a time frame
Anything else you want us to know: The girl is crying
Character (Tiff) details:
Tiff body tone:Mocha
Tiff face shape:Diamond
Tiff eyes color: Blue
Tiff eyes: Upturned Feline
Tiff mouth size:Classic
Tiff hair color:Black
Tiff hair style: Rebel half shaved hairstyle
Tiff nose size:Upturned
Tiff eyebrows:Smooth Arch
This is what (Tiff)wearing in the scene and look likes

Character (Rick) details:
Rick body tone: Tan
Rick face shape:Chiseled Square (he do have facial hair)
Rick eye color:Green
Rick eyes: Classic Round
Rick mouth size:Classic
Rick hair color:Chestnut
Rick hair style: Short cropped hair
Rick nose size:Button
Rick eyebrows:Medium sharp
This is what (Rick)is wearing in the scene and looks like


Do you want it drawl or do you want it just an edit it’s up to you just let me know


Okay :blush: I have two in front of you so it may take a bet is that okay?


Also could you get me a reference picture so I know a little better how you would like it like do you want him hugging her maybe like stroking her back or them like looking at each other with his hands on her face then just something that I can go off of please


Could I have it drawn ?x


When do you need by? We both have a few people waiting so as long as you don’t mind the wait one if use will get to you as soon as we can. :blush:


Yes that’s fine thank you so much


Yes it can :blush:


Him holding her while he’s stroking her back while she’s crying


Okay thank you, I will let you know when I get to yours :blush:


I started on your cover. It will take me a couple of days.



That looks soo good so far.