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Thanks. :kissing_heart:


@stev1997 which letter text you like also what author name do I put.


I like number 2
author name is: Stev1997 :hearts:


@stev1997 your request is completed. If you want any changes let me know.


Thank you so much! I’m so in love with it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Glad to help. If you ever need more. Either I or Bethany will be here to help. :grin:


I actually need an art scene if one of you have the time :joy: :hearts:


I am free now. Would you like for me to do it or would you like Beth too? Let me know. Also, we need the pose. Or a reference how you want them.


Just send the details and a reference.


It’s in INK :hearts:

The female:
Body: Honey
Brow: Smooth Arch
Hair: Black, Beach Wave Hair
Eyes: Purple, Upturned Feline
Face: Square
Nose: Elven
Lips: Mocha, Classic


If she could have a blanket on and lay lifeless and connected to machines :smile: :smile:


Connected to a machine like this?


Yes :grinning:


Ok. Do you want it drawn or edit?


If you can I would like drawn :sweat_smile:


Ok, NP will take me a couple of days.


Hi, I would like to request a small cover if its okay with you guys?

Small Cover details

Who would you like to make it: Bethany
What would you like: A small cover
How many characters: 2
If you want it to say anything about it: the story is called Nephilim Blood and its about 3 siblings who are a rare species of supernaturals and are on the run and later find a home and their biological parents and love.
Poses or how you would like them to look: I would like them back to back holding guns. AND I would like it drawn if you could
When would you need it by (Remember good art takes time) I would like it in about a week but if it takes longer I understand you’re busy.

Anything else you want us to know: I would like it if they had masks on their faces due to the fact they’re not supposed to know who each other are.

Character details

Skin Tone: Light
Face shape: Oval
Hairstyle: Beach waves
Hair Color: Black
Brow: Seductive arch
Eye shape: upturned bold
Eye color: White
Nose: upturned
Lips: full lips
Lip color: scarlet


Skin Tone: Caramel
Face shape: defined triangle
Hairstyle: Cropped
Hair Color: Chestnut
Brow: thin arch
Eye shape: deepest piercing
Eye color: White
Nose: button
Lips: uneven
Lip color: taupe


I don’t mind the wait at all :grinning:


@Maria.StoryWritter can you put her on your list? I have about 4 request Im tring to do. If she can’t it will be about two weeks before I could. :slight_smile:




I will be working on you request tomorrow.