Bonus scene! How does it work? (Solved)

Hello there!
So I’m pretty new on Episode as a writer and I just publish my very first story yesterday. I wanted to do a bonus scene and let the reader choose if he want to read it or not but I don’t know how it works. I was searching for tutorials about it but nothing.
I was thinking maybe the choices where the thing to do but I don’t know. Could someone help me please ? I would really like to do a bonus scene !

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The most simple way you could do it, would be to direct it as a choice. For example:

Would you like to view a bonus scene?

”Yes, I want to view it.” {

Put all of your bonus scene content here.

”No, skip it please.” {



Continue the rest of your story here, or end it with your outro.

You can always write:
(WithOUT the spaces) right before the name of your choice and it’ll turn your choice boxes gold. People usually change the choice box color to signify a more important or meaningful choice, and it could encourage them to view the scene more.

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So that’s what I thought, I was doing it the wrong way.
Kylie, many thanks for your answer! I really appreciate it! That was really helpful.

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The simplest things have tripped me up many times!:laughing: you’re very welcome, I’m just glad I could help :blush:

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