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Hi there, currently I’m writing my second story and I was thinking about adding bonus scenes to every chapter because since they are for :gem:, they benefit my story ranking so much.
I wonder what you, as a reader or also author, are interested in seeing in bonus scenes, so if you could help me out by telling me your favorite things in them. Or if you are an author, what you add in them.

These are the ones I have planned so far:

  • another POV
  • flashbacks/past
  • more detailed scene
  • Art scene
  • random scenes that are not in the storyline, just for fun

Lily :hibiscus:

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I like seeing other POV scenes, it can add to the understanding of characters a lot
I like to add those you listed above, and I sometimes add art scenes as bonus scenes too, for a few more gems than normal.
I also love seeing funny random scenes that are just fun to read


I made a polll some time ago for the same options but one was what is a no go for gem choices and what they wanna pay for

This is the no go, wouldnt pay

This is wanna pay for


Maybe you’ll see something you like from this thread? :blush:

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