Bonus Scenes? What Do You Think?

Hey, I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are about bonus scenes. Love them? Hate them? I know some people put theirs behind a gem choice, but what do you think about bonus scenes that are written on a platform like Wattpad, with a note in the story directing you there if you want to read them? My story has a bit of a saucy scene coming up that fades to black, but I decided to write up the rest of it for those who are curious. What has been your experience with bonus scenes?


I think that’s a good idea! :relaxed: I’ve never seen done this way before, but I’d check it out. I usually purchase bonus scenes for 5-12 gems.

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i personally like bonus scenes as a reader and a writer.

all my bonus scenes are for 5 gems and that’s where most of my gems spent come from so they’re definitely worth including


Bonus scenes are fun to read and write. As a reader, I love content, so why not? As an author, you can include anything, literally anything (relevant to the plot or not). Price it with gems(limited to Episode only, of course), those are gem reads and gem spent. It’s a win-win situation, I would say.

Though, if your episode is long, readers may be reluctant to continue reading. Also, add bonus scenes only when you have inspiration and you are willing to write one. They take up as much energy as writing a normal scene.


As a reader and writer, I agree, I’m all for them! As a writer, it’s a great way to add gem choices (if you want them, of course) or just make your story stand out. And as a reader, I love to see more behind the scenes! If you do make them gem choices, though, just make sure your readers who can’t pay aren’t “missing out” on vital story information!