Book Club Challenge Glitching!

Several clubs have said the same thing. The Book Club Challenge keeps glitching. We selected our title, the challenge started, points were earned. Mot even a day later, our points were gone and our title that we chose was no longer visible. So we re-selected a title and thought that our challenge started again. Well now it says that we havent selected again, and we are back to zero. Can someone from EPISODES please address this? I have even submitted a ticket and the only thing i got back was to reset my device. This isn’t just on my device, other clubs and members are all going through this. It’s on your end.


I feel you on that, btw my club is working for now. We got our points last night and its still there now. But yeah i totally feel you, i too even added a story once the glitch was done and all of a sudden is not there and the timer was different too. Hopefully everyones issues is fixed.

I even submitted a ticket, but it hasnt been addressed. They need to do better when it comes to customer service and addressing concerns. Well, it does seem to be working now on my end.

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I feel you on the customer service lol, glad that is working for you tho :ok_hand: