Book club issue

I was in a book club named whosthebaddie as a club officer with vanya as a club leader now i can’t access the book club anymore :cry: hope someone from my book club see this

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Lots of people are having this issue, don’t worry though, episode is working on it!


Hi there,

We had a similar issue… I was booted twice from a club so I created my own new one. I was then booted from that as well as the leader… (grrrrr)
I have now created another fresh club but it is currently facing an issue where we already have a full club of 25 members however the chat gives access to people that are not members. It is showing 38 members above the chat which shouldn’t be possible.

Club name is: Bookworm_Squad
And my Episode name is: Preeti_K

Would appreciate some help with this.

Preeti -x

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For now, you just have to wait- book clubs are defective and we can’t do anything about this until Episode fixes this problem. Some have gone through the trouble to even recreate their clubs, but I don’t recommend this for now, as the problem will likely occur again.

I had the same issue but I was a club leader and I rejoin my club as a member. My club me never couldn’t do anything about it tho.
Club Name: FantaxyLoverz