Book club problems

Im currently having problems with the book club i join out of nowhere i can’t access it :tired_face: im pretty sure i wasn’t kick out im always reading and i was a club officer, in the book club im in we always try to compete the challenge but there is always 2 or 3 people that dont read so they get kick out, when i try to join other book club it says " There was a server failure please try again " can anybody tell me if they experience something similar


This hasn’t happened to me before. Could it be a wifi issue? You could try logging out and logging in.

That happens to me all the time. I usually just keep joining until theres one that actually works.

what device are you on? i tried that and it’s still not working. I’m using android if that makes any difference

Same thing happened to me.
Just keep joining different book clubs until one works.


I have a android

I keep doing that but its not working. Its really sucks because i really enjoy my book club


i did all of that and nothing works

Hi there @Rosie4, please let the support team know about this issue by sending them a help ticket :smiley:

I already did and they first disable the book club feature and put it back and still nothing,:expressionless:

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sorry about that.

I sent a ticket to support & they disabled Book Club then added it back but nothing changed. I deleted my app then added it back & still nothing. I was trying joining every club like someone said worked for them. I’m thinking of deleting app for good. I have many Kindle books that I don’t need gems, passes or subscription for

I had to create my own book club because i wasn’t able to join other book clubs

I tried but it won’t let me join

I’ve never had this issue & it’s been days & I can’t join any

I just kept trying mine didn’t work till about a week later.

Omg this is happening to me too , so i made mt own book club and i get notifications whete it says that some ppl joined but when i check who joined nobody seems to show up??? Like what is happening whyyy


Same anytime I want to join I keep getting failed to join book club
Does anyone know how to solve it ?

^this is what mine says :disappointed: I’ve tried every book club in the list, exited and reentered, and it’s still a problem. My book club options barely change .

I’m too lazy to support a ticket so will wait till episode hopefully fix it in a later app update :crossed_fingers: …hence this message


I used to have the same problem as you, but the only way to help is send a ticket. My issues before was way worst then yours tho, i wasnt able to chat or get notifications of the book club. So of course i send a ticket. They tried as much as they can but failed. So i decided to leave the club i was in and join into a new one. And everything started to work again. But in the end i still made my own club because i wanted to look for active players in the challenge and the chat as well. Hopefully your issues get solved girl, i really think is best for you to send a ticket.