Book Clubs and Bottom Navigation Feedback Thread

@Tory Will the book clubs be closely monitored by Episode staff?!
Because they definitely need to be… just to avoid any kind of arguing, bullying or singling people out!


Yep! We’ve been working very hard to ensure that a lot of iffy things won’t get through the chat filters, but we will be keeping a pretty close eye on it just to be sure!


That’s brilliant. :blush: This will put smaller authors at ease, and make them feel a lot more secure about joining!
Because the community on instagram feels like being back at high school. It’s full of little cliques… so I’m glad that the book clubs won’t be like that! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi there! All of the existing menus that you’re used to in the app will stay! Some of them will just move to the bottom navigation bar, which we hope will be easier to use.


That’s one of my concerns with it. I’m not sure how they will prevent clique behavior :grimacing:

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Judging by Tory’s reply… I’m assuming that with the Episode Team monitoring things, they won’t tolerate people trying to push others out… or trying to alienate anyone!


@Tory Is there a limit to how much people is in a bookclub or is it just everyone who using the app? Like what if someone wanted a small group of people reading and talking with them?

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Hi @achastane. that awesome to hear menu will stay the same. but it just be at bottom .

Hi there! Each book club can have a max of 25 members.


Can we join multiple book clubs? Or just one?

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Hm, not a bad idea. Let’s see how this goes!

:o awesome!

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You can only join one book club at a time.


I hope that this will help the small authors and there won’t be any form of discrimination too


This may be a dumb question, but does the author of the selected story have to consent to being discussed in a book club?


super excited for the book club update

Hi there! Not at the moment - is there a specific concern you have about this? Want to make sure we understand the thinking so that we can address it!


It’s in-line with what the others said! A lot of authors receive some unpleasant fanmail, and I’d just hope that the book club wouldn’t facilitate that kind of discussion between those readers.

Otherwise it sounds like a neat feature!


@achastane @Tory

Can anyone view the chats that take place in each of the book clubs, even if they’re not a member of those clubs?!
I think such a feature should exist and be enabled… just so that if there’s any horrible comments being made towards another author or their stories, we can screenshot and report!


I agree but at the same time the haters are only giving that author more reads lol :woman_facepalming:t4: