Book Clubs and Bottom Navigation Feedback Thread

@Lilyarts, some of the fixes should be in an upcoming update for issues y’all have mentioned/reported. We’re sorry this has been taking longer, but we want to make sure we’re catching as much as we can


I no longer have the book club and the bar at the bottom?

hours ago


I prefer the bar at the bottom with book club etc…

I only got the bar on the bottom and no book club thing - this new update is very strange in terms of the roll out of the features. I wish I had the old trending sections the new ones are so hard to scroll through.

My version

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Tory said they are working out on the issues, so finger crossed we get it soon :crossed_fingers:t4:

I never even got the update with the bar below :joy:

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Fingers crossed for sure! :crossed_fingers:

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Hey Tory, I saw they implemented the remove inactive members. (Which is fantastic) I am pretty sure I have the most recent update but when ever I click on the inactive member or the ones who have been inactive, it just takes me to their profile. Is there another update coming up where it will be implemented or is it already?

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I think it’s such a good idea because I honestly don’t know what episode stories to read and I’m looking for so many to read

When is everyone getting this feature cause I have been looking for it and nothing yet.

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hey! if i create a book club, can i be a member of another book club?

Seems like you can be part of only 1 book club…

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I don’t have the book club option. What should I do?

You can only be a member of one at a time.

I’m not 100% positive offhand, but if you could submit a ticket to our support team with what you’ve been seeing happen, that would be super helpful!

Oh that’s odd. Not sure what would have caused that one with the update if you already had it…

So sometimes with big changes like these, we try to roll out in smaller waves to catch as many things as we can that maybe only pop up in a live environment versus testing. We’re working on the trending scrolling stuff :slight_smile:

Please keep an eye out on the forums and/or social media for when book clubs is out further!


The book club button has been moved to the old side menu since they went back to the old layout, where the profile/monthly shelf etc appear it’s at the bottom past user stories and genres.

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I guess i missed the deadline to choose a story a d now its too late? I get not being able to change, but it seems like the challenge started much earlier than normal. Last week, we had until Friday 8 PM. Seems like it started a day earlier and I missed it. Now my team has to suffer because i didnt choose fast enough. Doesnt seem fair. Other than that, I like the concept of the book club.

I think its 5 days on 2 days off. It did start Friday last week because I was stuck at work all weekend and couldn’t begin reading until Sunday.

The book club is there in the menu, but disappeared for a couple of days, I quite like the bar on the bottom hope that’s coming back…

I feel the bookclub is easier to access on the bar than in the menu… I recently left the book club I was in but there was no list of groups I can join, I created my own group but seems weird that I couldn’t see a list of groups to join…

We should be able to search for a group we want to join if a friend has created one…

This happens whenever I try to join a book club: