Book Clubs Available Now!

Hi everyone!

Today is the day! Book Clubs is available in our latest app update on Android and iOS. Bottom Navigation will be releasing to everyone at a later date!

Make sure to update to get the newest features. See below for more information about Book Clubs and what you can expect!

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What to Expect from Book Clubs
Navigation - Coming Soon for Some
Walk Through of Book Clubs and Bottom Nav
Managing Club Membership
Bug Fixes


What to Expect From Book Clubs:

Book Clubs will function similarly to a real life book club where you can join a group and choose what stories to all read. Each club will have weekly challenges where everyone reading will contribute points towards collecting rewards. These rewards will include things like passes and gems, meaning you get rewarded for reading just like we all already enjoy doing! Book Clubs will also have their own dedicated chats to discuss what to read, what everyone is enjoying, and more.

One important thing to note for Book Clubs is that you will need to be logged into your account for the feature to function!

If you already have Bottom Navigation on your account, Book Clubs can be found in the bottom menu, but if you do not have the new Navigation just yet, Book Clubs can be found within the expandable side menu.

Book Clubs in the expanding menu

Please post any feedback you have into our dedicated feedback thread, and if you find any bugs with the feature, please make sure to submit a ticket to our Support Team!


Navigation - Coming Soon for Some

Some of what you’re using to see in the expandable menu is moving down to bottom navigation. Now, you’ll see home, search, book club, and offers along the bottom of the screen (as seen in the image below).

New bottom navigation in the app

Search will now be the home of the old magnifying glass search bar, genres, and all user stories. This will be where you go if you’re either looking for a specific story, searching by genre, etc

Book Club will be the home for everything associated with Book Clubs. Here you’ll find your Club Challenges, Club Chat, and more.

Offers is the new home of the “Earn Gems” present on the Home Screen. You’ll find your Treasure Chest, ads to watch, surveys, VIP, Timed Rewards, and Streaks.

We know this will take a bit of getting used to, but we do hope this will be an overall better change!


Mini Walk-Through of Both Features:

Check out a quick walk-through of both Bottom Navigation and Book Clubs below:


Managing Club Membership

Removing Members

Starting in Version 22.91, Book Club leaders will be able to remove inactive members from the club. This can be done by going under “My Club” and tapping on the name of the player to remove.

Promoting and Demoting Club Leaders

With Version 23.0, Club Leaders also have the option to promote any member to a Club Office.

Club Officers have the power to:

  • Remove members other than the club leader
  • Select the bonus story for the reading challenge

These Officers can also be demoted by the Club Leader at any time.

NOTE: Another player can be promoted from Club Officer to Club Leader, but doing so will remove you as the Club Leader and make you a Club Officer.

Mini Walk-Through of Promoting, Demoting, and Removing Players:

Check out a quick walk-through below:



Bug Fixes:

For those that already have gotten to experience this feature during the slow roll out, we appreciate y’all letting us know about some of the bugs and changes people would want to see! Below is a list of all of the big issues we’ve seen pop up, and when they’ll be fixed:


  • Added the ability to kick members from a book club
  • Fixed Bottom nav scrolling issues
  • Fixed an issue where tapping on a story card would open up the wrong story
  • Fixed an issue where users saw two profile icons appearing at the top of the app
  • Fixed an issue where players were getting stuck on a loading screen
  • Adding the ability to promote members to club leadership


  • Updating storycards to make them larger again when browsing by genre
  • Bottom Navigation released to everyone