Book Clubs Feedback 2023

Hey all! We’d love to hear your thoughts on Book Clubs. Make sure to read our update about it as well!

This feedback can include:

  • What you’re loving about it

  • What features you’d love to see in the future added to Book Clubs

  • What is frustrating for you

Try to be as specific as possible in your feedback! It helps the team with making sure they understand what you mean :slight_smile:


It would be amazing to add a search feature!

  1. Please feature a search button so we can search club names.

  2. Have maybe 30 members instead of a lesser number like 25 I think.

  3. A Go Back button back to the main book club page.

  4. Maybe have a feature that let us join at least 2 or 3 book club instead of one.


Thx @Tory for this thread !

Something’s I like about the book club feature is it allows you to meet other people , allows you to make your own club or join a friends club as well as earn rewards like passes , gems and shards !

Some features I’d like to see added into is some how to search up a club or a send invite link or some way to invite someone to a club . Another thing I’d like to see is a way for someone to be a co-leader bc so far it’s one person can be the leader and then you have club officers . Another thing I’d suggest is maybe the option of joining multiple clubs . Also adding the option of sending pictures or videos in the chat too would be nice as well

What’s frustrating for me is all the glitches that are in book club .


Just going to drop this here from the update about Book Clubs for those wanting the search feature:


Issues with the book clubs:
[As well as the things listed above, by other forum members. ] At the moment, there are way too many clubs that don’t allow members to join… I think those types of clubs need clearing and automatically deleting! Maybe a filter to prevent those clubs from being created in the first place, would help?!
Because at the moment it is cluttered with clubs titled: “Do not join, I will kick you” or “Do not join, this is just for me.” And there’s usually multiple similar ones, created by the same person on multiple devices! So many people are abusing the feature in this way!

Another issue is, once a member is kicked from the club… they can still re-join. I think if someone is kicked from a club, it’s usually for a very good reason and therefore it should be permanent! Or in the very least, perhaps club leaders could be given a choice when they remove someone from the club?! For example: “Permanently remove member” or “Temporarily remove member.”

Something that is frustrating about book clubs:
The fact that we all need to meet the same ridiculously high targets, in order to unlock each reward. Even if our clubs aren’t filled up, yet. And newly joined members reads don’t count, if the challenge has already begun prior to them joining!
So maybe if a club has less than 25 members… then the minimum required chapters to be read, could be reduced for those clubs?!

For example:

  • If a club has 15-20 members, reduce the target reads from 1750 chapters to 1500.
  • If a club has 10-14 members, reduce the target reads to 1250.
  • If a club has 1-10 members, reduce the target reads to 1000.

This would be much fairer, and would also help people! As it would ensure that each club has a shot at unlocking the highest rewards, despite their member count!


There are so many things that I absolutely agree with in this thread.

Yeah I absolutely agree that the target for book clubs who don’t have the full 25 members should be reduced.

I also agree with this as it could be helpful for people who want only active members in their club.

This would seriously be a cool thing to have and maybe they could be able to do similar things to the leader.

Also just adding in the search feature like everyone else in this thread would be great for everyone it would make it easier to find clubs and clubs made by your friends.


While i loved the book club so far, i’ve encounter one glitch that’s been kind of irritating. I’m unable to leave the book club I’m in. I’ll click on the three dots on the corner and then “Leave Club”, but it’ll bring me back to the member’s list screen. I tried refreshing and restarting the app but it still lists me as part of the book club unfortunately


Or maybe a thing where someone has to like say they want to join that club and the leader or club leader or even club officer can accept or decline the person in ?


If you haven’t already, could you please submit a ticket to our Support Team about this issue? That definitely seems odd!


That’s a cute idea, but I don’t really see it working out in the way you’d imagine… because those members could still end up causing a nuisance, or being inactive. Which is why I think there should be the option to “permanently remove” or “temporarily remove” a member. :blush:


It would be great if book clubs had a link to share them with others or a way to invite someone specific to the club, because many people have issues finding them


Since search bar will finally be coming, I’m not getting notifications when someone messages in chat, I have to check just to see if anyone has messaged or not because I don’t get notified of any replies which is rather frustrating… I have the notifications on for chat in book club…

It would be nice to be able to have a few more than 25 members in the club…

Would be great if new members can participate in the challenge instead of having to wait for the next challenge to start…

Would be nice to see no more of the “only me” clubs or multiples of the same clubs…

The other day I was surprised to see 7 new club members in my book club, due to all those multiples of clubs and the “only me” clubs…

I do love how members have to participate before they get to earn any rewards, however I think when it’s only you the club leader with no other members I think we should be able to still earn rewards regardless whether we have any club members or not…


There is, isn’t there? I’m a club officer in my book club and I’ve removed two inactive members

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You can’t choose to temporarily remove them or permanently remove them, but a option is there to remove just not those 2 options…

You can remove them, but they can come back! When I had a book club… I constantly had to remove certain members who kept asking the group personal questions and making everyone uncomfortable… and I also had to constantly remove inactive members. But they kept re-joining [more than 5 times].

Hence why I asked for the option to choose whether certain members get permanently removed or temporarily removed.


Can anyone tell me if they know what happens if a club leader leaves? I created a club a while ago, and it’s still full of members. Welp, I’ve moved on from Episodes to greener pastures, but have kept the book club running for my members. I’d like to relinquish the club to a member before I leave. Is that possible, if you promote members to officers?

Once you make them officer then you can promote them to the leader


Yeah you promote to officer then to leader then leave…

I did it with my first book club…

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  • It would be nice if club leaders could sent out invites to their book club and the recipients could choose to accept or decline it.

  • Might also be worth it to give people the option to have notifications for messages in book club chats (unless this is already a thing?).

  • I’m not an avid book club viewer, so idk if this is already a feature as well — but club leaders giving their members the ability to vote for which story should be the next challenge or perhaps even what genre.

  • Sharing a unique book club URL/link.

  • Club leaders having the ability to choose a limit for the amount of members their club has, like for example a club leader might only want to keep their circle small and limit their members to 5 or 10 people.

  • Having a proper notification to say that a book club is full instead of that server error warning or whatever it was.

  • Maybe have a history section for each book club that shows what stories have already been chosen as a challenge?

  • Perhaps book club leaderboards too to make things a bit more competitive for those that like that sort of thing - where the clubs with the most points for a certain duration are at the top of the leaderboards.

Edit: Sorry if any of these have been previously mentioned by others. I haven’t really gone through this thread so I’m not sure what others have suggested as of yet, these are all just things that have popped into my mind recently after more attention has been directed towards book clubs since the search feature was introduced.