Book clubs here!

I want to find an active book club that has a lot of members but still some slots left.
or someone just make a club and be active and tell me the club name so I will join


Hey there if you’d like to join a book club my friend and I have your more than welcomed to .

Just a few things tho

  • it’s a VERY active bookclub , everyone is required to meet a 30 pts or have a valid reasons why they couldn’t meet it that week . And if your out for more than 2/3 weeks with no communication you’ll be kicked .

  • Were wanting active members as we win the challenge everytime

  • As of right now we don’t have any spot open but once this current challenge finishes we should have some spots open which means if ur interested in it I’ll put u on a waiting list then will message you if your still wanting to join .

Lmk if your interested :blob_hearts:

Hello, I am very much interested to join an active book club.
I will follow the instructions properly.
I will be glad if you put me on waiting list .

Thank you🌷

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Ok perfect , I’ll add u on the waitlist and I’ll pm u once theyres an opening. I’m not sure what timezone your in but for me book clubs normally end on Tuesdays .

could i be waitlisted? pls. i cannot find an active bookclub

Sure , I’ll add you on . But the same rules will apply to u as I mentioned up above

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Could I be on the wait list as well? I can follow the rules.

Sure !

Hey, any spots available in the book club? :sneezing_face: I could hit 30 pts no problem

Hey , this weeks book club is almost over . I do rn have a bit of a wait list . If you’d like me to add you on I can

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For sure, let me know how or when I can sign up

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Thank you.

I have a spot available … it’s called:



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Hey guys anyone looking for an active bookclub can join mine. Group name: AvidReaders04. I can assure you we will be really active and highly competitive over gems. :heart_hands:

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I have a book club! It’s new but I’m looking for active members who likes to read fantasy genre and other genres as well! It’s called Fantasy_! I am also willing to remove inactive members for people to join !

I was kicked out from own group due to Episode glitch. Finally after several reports managed to get back to my group however other members were promoted as Club Leader & its not cool. Hence created a new group & looking for members. I assure you the group will be very active! :blush: Group name: Clubless_04

My book group meets here! Although it’s new, I’m seeking for active members that enjoy reading both fantasy and other genres! It is known as Fantasy_! In order to allow others to join, I’m also willing to remove inactive members!


Currently, my book club has spots for new members to join. It’s called Epicalypse.

You’ll be ones to decide the stories you’d like to read, the minimum number of point to get per challenge, etc. We have a cozy and friendly atmosphere, and will be happy to welcome you all!