Book Clubs Update

Hi Everyone!

We’d like to share some of our upcoming plans for Book Clubs and what we’ve been working on with the feature.

First, we know that the community has been really hoping for a way to search for their friend’s book clubs within Book Clubs. We currently are working on adding this feature to ensure that you can find the perfect club for you whether that means they have similar interests to you or read with your Episode besties! You’ll be able to search for clubs to join on the Recommended Clubs page, which appears when you are not currently in a club. You will also be able to see how many members are in each club and whether a club is full or not. We’re very excited to get this out to the community and make the experience of finding a Book Club even better!

This new search feature will slowly be introduced to the community, similarly to how Book Clubs and Profiles have come out. This initial roll out is planned to start soon with our next release and be quite small initially, and when that starts there will be a dedicated feedback thread.

But that’s not all! We have further plans to make Book Clubs an amazing part of Episode for interested players. These range from reducing the amount of errors and bugs through backend upgrades to fun ideas we’re still brainstorming and considering. We would love to continue to see your feedback and ideas as well – we feel Book Clubs have a lot of potential we want to deliver on, and we can only do that with your help!

Finally, we’d like to note that Book Clubs are not the only priority the Episode team has for 2023, and we plan to continue sharing more about exciting developments we’re working on in other aspects of the game. Stay tuned for more info about those and further info about Book Club search soon! Thank you all!


Share your feedback here: Book Clubs Feedback Thread

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