Book cover feedback <3 & Promote your story too!

Don’t lose hope, you’ll do well. Spreading the positivity :blush:

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Like, what editing app do you use to create the covers?

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Yet we Can’t is not out yet, but Crushing and Compatibility are.

Crushing: Two girls. One crush. Will you capture Justin Matthews heart before she does?
Compatibility: You are forced to marry a demanding psycho by the government, but what happens when you fall for the wrong guy?
Yet We Can’t: You are crushing hard on your best friend’s boyfriend, and he is falling for you! Will you risk your friendship to be with the love of your life?

Just so you know, you can visit my new art shop if you want a cover like one of these. I only made the 1st one, but I make more styles like the other ones (except I’m not nearly as good of an artist as epy.mirana, who made the 2nd one)


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