Book Cover Pending



I’m a new writer and I was wondering how long it takes for a book cover to be approved?

Also, how can others find my book?


Maybe 2-3 days or 2-3 week😂
Your story title , author name or simply the link of your story :thinking:or whatever words you put in tags


Thank you so much! @24aya


Haha, welcome :hugs: and welcome here too as you just joined 39 Mon ago​:sweat_smile::joy:


I’ve had some covers approved within a day and some that took nearly two weeks lol.


Thank you! :grin:


I hope it don’t take too long, lol. I love what I made, lol. :rofl:


Haha , those things are only in Episode hands😂
(As I don’t want to go of topic , and just make one of the kids to close it :sweat_smile: I will try to keep all my talk to myself :sweat_smile:)
But I think when I was new they were approving in 1-2 days , but not it was 2 weeks when I got my covered approved (today) :thinking:but it may be just because , Episode is updating and working on many things now , so they will take time
(Ehh…I write that long😓)


It’s okay. Lol.
I understand. I actually started writing yesterday and done the cover before I started. I already published, even though I’m sure it nots to great, lol. Hopefully I can hold the few that has started reading until I can get more chapters out. The photo that is on it now is not really… how do I put this… captivating I think. Lol.


I don’t really draw in people to read. Lol.


Wow :sweat_smile: what ta name of your story? (It’s not like I am surely goona check , ya but it will be in my favourites ):joy: (and girl I am totally going off topic, so if your thread get closed​:joy:lol,pm me , we can chat there​:joy:)


The Stranger

How do I pm? Lol.


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Thank you. :blush:


I’ve been waiting weeks lmao, it really depends on luck to be honest



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