Book Scene Help!

Hey! I’ve been searching if there any tutorials around about book scenes, where readers are able to skip the pages of a book, whereas clues are gained which can be used for other scenes. I know it takes advanced coding and I don’t really know where to start so if anyone could assist, it’d be much appreciated!

Can you explain in a little more detail? Is this meant to be a regular choice to read or not read pages of a book (as in prop in the story, not the actual Episode story) like: character walks to room, finds the book and then “choice read book, put aside, bring along” then branching scenes off of that choice?

Or as in a mini game in which you would be tapping pages to find clues and/or a button to tap to skip the game?

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Yes, a minigame… sorry for not being more specific. I had already added two tappable arrow overlays in the script just for the time being

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Okay, so you do know how to create tappable overlays and code them in? In mini-games, you use gains/points code to add/take away points or “clues” that they “gain” during the game that you will later use or reference through the points system.

so, to start you out, I would check out Joseph Evan’s tutorial page over on youtube --he’s got a playlist that I believe has a “mini games” tutorial and several more about the points system, gains/flags and the like.

You can also check out because she has several tips/tricks/guide/templates that may help you. :slight_smile:

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Okie, thank you so much I’ll check them out now! :smiling_face:

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You’re welcome. Evans is great because he walks you through coding in the portal with the previewer so not only does he show you exactly what he types out but also what it looks like on portal preview. :slight_smile:
Good luck!

And checking out Dara’s template for dressing games that are tappable can give you an idea of the gains/flags system/ if/elif/else style coding. :slight_smile:


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