Book Title [GAME]

This game is about book titles, you come up with a random title and say whether or not you like the title that the person in front of you came up with.


  1. Read this.
  2. Read the comment below this.
  3. Yes or No the title from the comments below this.
  4. Type your title under your Yes or No.

RANDOMPERSON1: Heartthrob Of Yearning
RANDOMPERSON2: No - Fish And Phantoms

I’ll go first:
Fighter and Slave


The Curse of Charlie

Sounds like a male menstruation story. Would read.
Got this off a random title generator, would you read…

Raven with Determination


Yes. I would read that.

I also got mine from a book title generator:
Would you read the following:

Chasing the dark

Sounds like it’s about a girl who falls in love with her shadow, spoiler alert, her shadow is a total bad boy with a dark secret. Would read.

How about

The Power of Vevrinius

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Sure would read

How bout : “HELL-en’s hell”

It’s about an interior decorator named Hellen who is hired by the devil to remodel hell and they fall in love but she doesn’t know if she can trust him because he’s the devil and he’s a total bad boy with a dark secret. Two thumbs up, must read.

How about

The Passage of the Dragon


Yeah, sure why not?

Would you read…

Go Ghana Gone

Actually its about a half angel half loa and she is black since Baron Samedi the loa of death is black. She is rebellious and has a fire in her to get depressed by where she lives (which is in heaven oblivious if her dad) Her hell is earth since when she gets here she sees real horror. After a heartbreaking death and a series of shocking horrible things that happen around the globe she vomits suicide. Before she was allowed to be both in hell and heaven but since suicide is a big sin she became the daughter of the loa. She wasn’t torn apart by being both bad and good at the same time anymore… And her name was Hellen because her father chose it to sounds both devilish and good at the same time because the first 4 letters spell out Hell


The Dream Race

sounds a little odd to me , but that shall make it intriquing so YES I would read it :slight_smile:

The apartment called “The view”

Sounds intriguing. So Yeah,

Mortal Death

Maybe if it was episode … not so sure about a book , would check the story line on the book covers

But it sounds like something that’s not mushy so yeah would read

Sonia and the bull?

It kinda sounds like this person is either a bull or in love with a bull. But it also sounds cool, so yes.

The Fallen Room?

Mine was funnier.

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I just stole it from a movie we have here in croatia (it’s about this girl Sonia who is against animal cruelty and then one day she gives people to gidn the petition against bull fighting … And then a guy watching her on the news (who has a bull that fights) stupidly says if she ever comes close to a bull i’ll cut my balls off . The others guys says “challange acepted” and sends his son to go to Zagreb and get her … She does it and then later on hooks up with this guys’s son …)

The fallen room ? Would read

She’s the only one that loves me but not the only one she loves (sounded confusing but I even made up a storline for it)


Would you read?
Vanilla wishes

Did Taylor Swift write an autobiography?

How about
Swinging at Dodi’s Dance Hall

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Sounds like some girl gets a fake husband to show to her friends and stuff but when they met another couple they realised they were swingers so they tried to escape their swingers party and a love story is here

How about “Books? What books?”

Sounds good. Would you read:

Love in twenty steps