Bookclub search feature not showing for me

Hey there I just wanted to ask is searching for bookclubs is now available for andorid phones? I’ve seen ppl now having the feature… am I missing something here? I’ve got Android but I don’t have the feature to search for clubs as someone said to search in top right corner & I don’t get it??:skull: And my phone is new ofc

The reason u don’t have it is because when Tory announced it she said they were going to slowly roll out to update to a group of people and build on
Here’s the link to Tory’s post

@Kateblush, oh no! That seems very odd. Have you updated the app to the latest version? If not, you would not see search just yet. If that still doesn’t solve the issue, please reach out to our Support Team!

You’re not the only one, girl.
@Tory I don’t have it too and some of my friends in Insta too.
I always have the latest edition because the app doesn’t even allow me to enter it if it’s not updated.

I don’t even have the new profile look like the one you can see how many years you have the profile. I never get anything new. :sob:

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Yep I haven’t got the new update yet, it sucks that ios gets the update very fast I’m kinda jealous

I have IOS and yesterday checked - I have the search feature but not the new profile. :frowning: