Books, books and books

Hey guys!
I just want to know, what are your favorite books and why? :thinking:


I just finished reading this thriller called Home by Karen Dionne. My fave book would have to be The Glory by Lauren St John. It’s about a girl on the run from the law and a boy who’s trying to find money to save his father’s life, and they both enter a grueling 1200 mile horse race. Very good and there’s a tad romance so why not :wink:


I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t read a proper book in a while. Everytime I say I’m going to buy a book, I get lazy and then don’t. With that being said some of my most favourite books that I have read are:
-The bunker diary by Kevin Brooks.

  • The knots and crosses sequel by Malorie Blackman
    -The entire Maze runner sequel (soooo much better than the movie)
    Each of these books are soo good I don’t know the right words to describe them. I advice you check them out yourselves to understand what I’m talking about. I don’t wanna give anything away

Hmm, these sound really interesting :thinking:

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They really are especially the bunker diary. That story had a few twisted parts that I still think about it til this day and I read the book 7 years ago

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I love all the books that Madeleine Brent have written, because you really fall in love with the characters and it actually feels very real. My favorite books written by Madeleine Brent is Tregaron’s daughter, Merlin’s Keep and Moonraker’s Bride


All the books of Agatha Christie and John Grisham like Murder on the Orient Express and Ten Little Indians. Also Italo Calvino’s books are ok… there are lots of beautiful books!! I’m now reading Il nome della rosa by Umberto Eco


She’s my favorite!

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I love also A. C. Doyle’s books (Sherlock Holmes)

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Some favorite books include:

  • The Secret History by Donna Tartt - a sort of murder mystery in reverse of a close knit group of Greek majors in college with a secret begging to be discovered by a newcomer who admires the group from afar

  • The Goldfinch also by Donna Tartt - an explosion leads to a stolen painting and also a neglected childhood, unrequited love, and more in this sort of coming-of-age story

  • Life After Life by Kate Atkinson - a girl growing up in London in the WWII era dies and is reincarnated with vague memories of how to avert her untimely deaths

  • Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng - a complicated tale of suburban life in Ohio the centers on the relationship of a daughter and her single mother to a wealthier family and what happens when there’s debate over who is the real family of a temporarily abandoned baby

  • On Beauty by Zadie Smith - two families with competing father figures and beliefs on religion lives intersect with affairs, friendships, and theft

  • Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi-Adiche - follows two Nigerian expats - one in the UK and one in the US and their diverging experiences And I just found out it will be tv series with Lupita Nyong’o!!!

I will also read ANY Agatha Christie book (and many of them more than once) because I grew up with them.


A child called it by Dave Pelzer.
It’s about his child hood and how he was abused.

Definitely a tear jerking book, but it’s incredible to see how strong he truly was/is. He has other books that follow a child called it.

I highly recommend reading it if you ever come across it.

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My favourite books so far:

  • Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell,
  • Charlotte Says also by Alex Bell,
  • A Game Of Thrones by G.R.R.M.

So a book I am currently reading and my favorite book is apollo :sparkling_heart:
Author ~ Rick Riordan
What it is about…
so it’s about a god named apollo, who was sent by zeus into the earth one calls this also a fallen angel, because he has done something wrong. So he seeks help from other half mortals like Percy Jackson as each of you surely knows, to get back to heaven.
So why I’m reading that is really simple, because I’m just very interested in gods, magic, and supernatural, and even believe that exasperating something and would like to know more about it. it simply brings the fantasy out of a human being for a moment.
And Its a really a great book :grinning:
which I can only recommend for sure :blush:

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One of us is lying has to be my favourite book, I’ve reread it a bunch of times. It’s like the breakfast club, but someone is murdered. In terms of non-fiction Nancy Wake’s biography is really interesting. In terms of books I’ve read recently, I finished Five people you meet in heaven, which had me crying from start to finish.


Did you watched the Final Season of Game of Thrones yet? :grinning:

Have you seen the 2017 movie version of the book? I have! I love any and everything mystery. Looks like I chose the right username. :joy:

Yes! I watched it the second it came out

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Me too!:laughing::laughing: the first epsiode was Amazing!

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Same! I loved it! I’m watching it again :joy_cat:

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Haha :joy:

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