📚 **BOOKS** vs **MOVIES** 🎥


Hey there Epi- Fam!!! :wave:t4:

I’ve got a fun little game that we can all play. It’s called :books: Books Vs :movie_camera: Movies

We all have our favorite movies, am I right? And some of us even have favorite books. But, have you ever had a favorite book that has been turned into a Movie?

  • Name a Book that you’ve read and love that has been turned into a Movie.

  • Out of the two… which one did you like the best? The Movie, or The Book?

I can’t wait to see what we discover!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ll start buy naming one of my favorite SUPER OLD books! Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.alice in wonderland book I loved reading this book because my imagination could run wild with each page I read. And then I discovered the Alice in Wonderland Movie made by Disney!

Disney movies are always the best… that’s why everybody knows them. Our parents were raised with these movies, and then they passed the movies down to us. Out of the two… I liked the movie better because sometimes reading the book made my brain hurt. :rofl: And watching the movie was easier to do and still understand what was going on.


Another book that I really loved reading was Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
twilight book
I loved everything about this vampire vs werewolf novel.
So when the movie came out

I couldn’t wait to see which one I liked better.
Even though I loved the movie… the Book won between the two. Mainly because I could imagine all of the characters in my head and make them look otherworldly. ( I love vampires :heart: ) So in the books, I could make them larger and grander than real life characters.


Gotta love the Stephen King classics that were turned into movies. :relieved: The Shining, The Green Mile, Carrie, It, Dolores Claiborne, etc. :heart_eyes:


YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!! All :clap:t4: of :clap:t4: those!!! :clap:t4:


Ok well I read and watch Films but I mostly like the books better as films are good but they tend to miss some things out. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit.

But some that I have read do not have a film which is a shame e.g. A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Also some films I really dislike when in another language…as they dub it in German or children’s film in The Netherlands they make into dutch plus Harry Potter the names in Dutch language are oh so bad so I prefer the English Language in films.


Awesome points that you made!!! Especially about the translation of books/ movies into a different language.

There are a set of books that I read and loved loved loved!!!
The Girl with the Dragon tattoo,
The Girl who Played with Fire and
The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest by Stieg Larsson who was a Swedish Journalist
All of those books were turned into movies right. I loved it because the original language and interpretation was captured in it’s original state.

So, The Girl with the Dragon tattoo was made into a film in the original Swedish language in 2009. I :clap:t4: LOVED :clap:t4: IT!!! :clap:t4: Plus, the acting was sooooo good. And the movie really did not deviate from the books.

Now… fast forward to 2011, they make this movie again… but this time the movie is made with English actors and the language for this movie is English… I hated every single thing about the English version. Because for me, the original nature and the feel of the movie did not seem realistic. Especially in comparison to the Original movie which was done only 2 years previously. :woman_facepalming:t4: And that is really saying something , because my First language is English!!!



Okay, at first I didn’t read the book, but I watch the movie.

The movie is pretty good, I dont know why people hating on it, but it was amazing.



I really need to go back and read this book (give it another shot because I stopped reading the book because I got bored of it), and I never saw the movie. I need to give that a go as well.

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Omg I love those books and films are good only seen one of the films though as not seen other ones sadly. Oh I saw the English one not the Swedish ones. Is it easy to follow if Swedish is not any of the languages u know?

English is also my first language.

Umm I don’t get why some like The Mummy need to be remade though as the original films are the best. Not seen the newest one and don’t plan to haha.


Loved all of these books, I thin they did had a tv show series on them.


I hear you totally about The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings… those books were lit!!!
And I know that Orlando Bloom is hawt and Elijah Woods was the cutest in the movies… but the books are still better!!! :ok_hand:t4:


Oh that book is great but the film is sooooooooo bad sorry to say but I didn’t like it and people I know also didn’t like it. I think it was coz the story that they filmed was kinda boring, they left good parts out and waste of the actors money and time spent making it.

I need to read and watch film again.


Yeah so true. Haha yeah true about those guys aswell


YYYYYYAAAAAAASSSSSSSS These books are requirements for any readers!!! :heart:


the old films or the new movie stuff?


hell yeah!!!


ehhehehehehehhe listen, the books are better. Even had this major radio talk. XDD Books Vs Movie, which onen nailed it? BOOKS!!! I didn’t read it but my mom did. XDDDDDD


Omg loved them books as a child.

Did anyone ever see the TV show “The Demon Headmaster” haha kinda creepy apparently there is a book about it but don’t think I ever read that.


Fifty Shades books: Lol I have never read them books and never seen the films. Not my kinda book and film that I like…