Boosting Community Stories: Performing Arts

Hello there! I’m Rainy, and I am currently helping boost community stories with different themes that deserve recognition. :heartpulse:

I am doing this to help promote people’s creative ideas, help you find stories that interest you, and to hopefully hear your opinions on stories! :grin:

This topic focuses on performing arts, which includes themes such as acting, music, dancing, and so on. Stories can vary with the actual storyline, as long as it’s along the performing arts genre. Stories may also be a love story. : )

There will be more posts with more topics, so stay tuned for more! :kissing_heart:


Hey! Here’s my newly published story. It focuses on Madi, a singer, and her career as a band manager - so music is entirely embedded within the plot. I hope you give it a try and enjoy it! :relaxed:

TWS: Rhythm of the Heartbeat :guitar::heart_on_fire:
Managing your first love’s (and now ex’s) band is bound to cause chaos. Not to mention the beautiful woman in your audience!
Author name: Sapphire!
Genre: LGBTQ, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 5
This story includes: Customisation, Plenty of choices, Excellent diversity, and 1 main love interest.
Instagram: @/episodesapphire

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