Bored....Do you need a proofreader?

Does anyone need a proofreader? I’ll give you my honest opinion and correct your grammar mistakes.


Uhh hi I’m new here I saw your post I would love for to help me something soon.

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I’ll help you.

hii, i’m currently finishing the second episode of my very first story… can you help me out when i’m done with the third episode? :3 let me know :))

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Yes, I can.

okiee tysm, i’ll pm you when it’s done :)) do you have ig? it’s easier for me… but if you don’t it’s fine :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s polylove.writes.

ok, i’ll follow u rn :))

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Hi, I’ve only wrote 3 and a bit episodes but it would help me so much if you could maybe proofread them so far, I’m not really sure how you do it before I publish it though

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