Bored. Help. Pls



Ok, so I’m bored and I have nothing to do with my life, how sad.
Let’s have a conversation on life and other shit
I’m craving french fries.
^ Very important information.
Don’t even ask me why I created this forum just look at the title.




French fries :drooling_face:


lets talk about chicken wings and stuff that are actually entertaining and torturous.


hamburgers and french fries, now im really hungry.


I love french fries and I’m also bored! :joy:


You are making me hungry :drooling_face:


I want a pretzel :cry:


I love food




Ily2 babe


i could be slapped with a french fry and i wouldn’t mind.


:grimacing: ikr if we ignore that I just ate few minutes before :tired_face: I am hungry :upside_down_face:






My stomach is making weird noises right now send help, why do I torture myself with pics of french fries.


I just come online from eating dinner :tired_face: and now I am hungry :no_mouth:


And torture me toooo😒




i wanna be in a french fry commercial.