Bored let’s talk about some stories on Episode



Let’s talk about a story , about its characters and everything.


Want to talk about Infamous Topdogs by Alexandria or another story of hers? :smile:


I am so sorry but I haven’t read Infamous nor any story from Alexandria. Can you offer something else. :sweat_smile::heart:


Have you read The Doberman by: Meesza ?


That’s by far my favorite story on episode!


Yes it is amazing. I was so happy to read her new two chapters yesterday.


I love that she did something in Jonah POV. Both chapters were worth the wait.


Yes it was. She is amazing at writing. I hated Foster for what he did but I’m glad hes gone.


Her directing is amazing. I’ve never like foster. I noticed something in chapter 28 that I don’t think anyone really noticed that well (no ones really talking about it in the insta comments).


I kind of did but was not to sure. Not going to lie I bought into the hole wife thing at first but after a while I know something was up with him.


DId you see the man following her and her family around in the new Chapter?


What wife thing? And yes that’s what I was referring to when I said no one noticed! I wonderwho that was :eyes:.


Has anyone read –

  • Dead 7 by the great great great Kayla S?
  • Making Lemonade by Joriemar? (its so touching you would start your waterworks midway :sob:)
  • In A Heartbeat by Hannah D? (you all know who she is :sunglasses:)
  • Astronomy Gossip by Echo D? (she writes really beautiful and diverse stories)
  • Loving In Retrospect by Nour?

i am sorry if the above stories or authors aren’t familiar. I just couldn’t stop fangirling over how unique and beautifully written they are :heart_eyes:


When Foster lies to her about his past.


Dead 7 is absolutely great :grin:
I love Riley’s personality. She’s that optimist kind of person, always hoping and doesn’t care if the situation is dangerous.
From assassins I liked mostly probably Diego :joy:
And I found the ‘frenemy’ relationship between… UGH… I CAN’T REMEMBER THEIR NAMES.
I’ve finished it a few months ago.


…Parker and Nazo? (I keep confusing Nazo with Naruto dammit :woman_facepalming:)

The way Parker used to throw around cars :joy:
And THAT particular scene where instead of shooting Nazo, he threw the damn gun at him :laughing:


OMG, YESSS :joy:
Parker and Nazo. I love how Parker always throws things at Nazo too lol. Scenes including those two always made me laugh.
I think I haven’t seen such a good comedy on episode since I’ve read Dead 7.
And that turn at the end… I was angry at first but when I saw it was still not the end of everything, my mood turned back to happy. :rofl:


You should read Ice Ice Baby and Pitch Perfect: Online by Kayla S.

i am still giggling like a Loki-wannabe lunatic on crack while typing this whole thing, remembering the scenes from her stories…oh my god…


That scene had me absolutely dying that I started a new save to watch it again


Anyone checked out “it’s just an illusion:regrets”?