Bored,Wanna talk about episode?

I’m bored, anyone wanna talk about episode, share your thoughts and opinions, what you would want them to do ? Etc

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Get rid of gems.


Add a small authors page monthly so peoplenget noticed!


I agree, they need to do more to help small authors get noticed!


I hate that SO MUCH, it’s like “oh you don’t have 100 gems? well too bad now you can’t go on a date with this hot girl/guy!” “You dont have 100 gems? too bad you can’t wear this outfit you can’t impress your crush!”

This is why I don’t play featured stories anymore


Same, if I ever read a featured story, it’s on YouTube. Where I have lots more patience.

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They should do some sort of subscription or premium service. So like you pay to remove ads and passes. So you get unlimited passes. And maybe like 50 to 100 gems. I would pay a one time fee for this or a monthly subscription for it tbh. If it was a subscription then members should get the gems monthly.

i miss the old episode when they had gems but it didnt matter and featured stories didnt have the gem choices.