Boredddddd- writers block

UGH i need ideas!!! I cannot think of ANYTHING to write. Help meee


what u tryna write

If you’re not exactly sure what you want to write about, you could check out my post on ideas for titles. Hopefully, it may inspire you to write something :relaxed:

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I’m not really sure…possibly a mystery or a romance or a mystery-romance :joy:. Or just i have no idea!!! This makes me go insane!


I was writing one called “Lovely” but coding makes me very angry so i gave up on it :joy: but i honestly just need some ideas and maybe probably write down everything before typing it out ! so it’s easier yk!

I totally get what you mean! What was “Lovely” about? It can help to write about what each of your characters’ personalities, likes, and dislikes are, as well as how certain experiences shaped them.

This website really helped me with planning:

And for coding, it definitely is challenging to learn everything at first, but with lots of tutorials and templates, it will get easier.

Maybe you could check out Joseph Evans’ videos on YouTube and Dara-Amarie’s templates and guides on her website:

I don’t have too much experience with coding (in the sense that I haven’t finished a single story but have started like 10 of them), but feel free to PM me if you need any help :blush:

I felt the same creating my story, i got @Rahdia to help me with the coding, you will have to dm her because idk whats shes doing with other people, as for ideas, i listen to music and create scenarios and work with it


Im writing my story out right now it definitely helps…I also like to bounce ideas off of people(saying it out loud to myself sometimes :woman_shrugging:t4: )just to hear it out loud and yeah i agree coding is a HUGE pain

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Thank you!!! I was going to make “Lovely” kind of an aesthetic type of story. I would consider “Little Women” a kind of aesthetic type story. It was going to be about this girl (Leslie) is having like a rough time with her home life and school life, but then meets this amazing guy (Oliver) that just…makes her a better person all around. I just…haven’t really started on it🙃 I have done like…40 lines maybe ? I keep forgetting to have them talk while they are saying something and then i’ll get frustrated and decide to write something else! But, I really want to make my own story and publish and it be amazing. I just need that one…turning point. The point where I can’t stop writing about it. UGHHHHHH!!!

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Of course! We’ve got to have each other’s backs.
That sounds like a cool concept! I loved “Little Women!” (TBH, I’ve only seen the last movie that came out, but I bet the book is probably a masterpiece). If you’re really into the story, you should go for it. Don’t be worried if you’re experiencing writer’s block. Sometimes inspiration strikes at odd times, and when it does, try to note them down somewhere. Maybe think about what makes your characters’ special (quirks, pet peeves, hobbies, etc) and why you would want to read about them.

It can help to write out the whole script for the scene on something like a Google doc or Google slides (which is actually pretty nice when you want to make choices and see what kind of paths you can go through, linking choices to certain slides) or whatever platform is best for you and then add in the animations afterwards. (If you want, you can make small notes with hashtags about what kind of animation you want to be used, so you’re not completely unsure what you wanted when you look at the script later).

I don’t want to keep spamming your thread, so if you want to talk more we can PM each other :grin:

I know the basics to it, but sometimes I will do something wrong and try to fix it and then it still doesn’t work, then I will watch tutorials on it and it STILL doesn’t work. That Frustrates me.


I feel you I have questioned if i really wanted to write this story PLENTY of times…but sense i really want to write it i just keep going and ask other coders for help…which helps A LOT

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My friend and I have been there way too many times. :sweat_smile:
People on the forum have been such a life-saver :grin: :heart:

It turns out that many people have similar problems, and if there isn’t any post that helps resolve the issue, people will definitely be willing to help you out if you ask.

My biggest tip: Watch art tik toks. Oh my god they cure any block!! :relaxed: :sparkles: :black_heart:

Here’s a youtube channel that might help bring back the motivation: PinkRamen - YouTube (click on it :upside_down_face:)

Those art tik tok compilations are the reason I’m still writing :cowboy_hat_face:

I hope this helps anyone :sweat_smile:

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