Both large and small cover needed! Help me if you can!


Hi! I have been writing a story that I’m ready to publish, the only things missing are the covers! If you could help me with that, you’d be doing me a really huge favor! Obviously I will give you credit in my story as soon as I publish it!

And if it’s not a problem for you and you’re interest in helping me, could you maybe post some of the works you have done previously?


I would love to help! :smile:


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Come here and help out


Im part of the Episode diamonds. I could help too if you need anything. :slight_smile:


That be amazing thank you


Who is flagging post… that is crazy!!! I’m Chay President of EpisodeStudio and we would love to help you as well if you are interested please let us know


I just noticed two answers have been flagged… Why is this even happening? :frowning:


I’m not sure but don’t worry your request is still being done :grin:


I think it’s because it was the group threads that were posted and someone flagged them a story advertising… idk… but I’m working on you small