Both Large Cover/Small Cover Request

Hi guys I’m currently looking for an artist who can make both Large/Small cover for one of my stories and the pose I have a picture of a pose that I already want. And chatacter cards I can send when I get back from work if theres anyone who can help with large/small cover for me that’ll be great! :blush:

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you can come to the Forever Art Shop for all of your story needs love.

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I’m guessing you don’t need me anymore then?

I don’t mind if you find someone else to complete the request but I would prefer to at least be notified about it please…

Cover photo requesting help? - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (

Is it ok if you help me with my large and small cover, not to burst my bubble but I suck at it :joy:

I can do edited covers (:

Wait does that mean you can make the covers or will I have to make it then you edit it?

I can make them with an episode background, your character details and 1 - 2 episode poses that can be merged by me :blush:

You don’t have to do anything (:

I currently have 2 examples in my shop but these are them =


For your covers, I would correctly size them too.

The examples are not sized correctly so that people can’t steal them without having to resize them (:

:open_mouth: Your my lifesaver

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I can happily add you to my list, it won’t take long to finish my list. When do you need the covers for? (:

Well all I really need to know is will it cost me anything :sob:

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No, it’s free (:

I don’t believe in commissions for episode (:

Thank you so much!! I have somewhat ideas and I could use a opinion! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:


Is it ok if I private message you?

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If we move to the shop since these may get flagged as off topic otherwise (:

Yep, that works too (:

Thank youu!

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