Bouncing Story Ideas

Bouncing Story Ideas

Another thread I’m creating during the boredom of being quarantined. I feel like one of the hardest things about creating a story is trying to plan it and come up with ideas. Usually, I talk to my friends in the community on instagram and that helps, but I know that isn’t an option for everyone.

So, I created this thread to bounce story ideas off of each other and help develop ideas we have. Share story ideas you have and questions you may have.

Let’s all help each other write our next story!


Mystery-drama story : Girl met stranger and then she sees in nights really bad secrets of her surroundings.
Horror story : Every second person is serial killer and girl discovered this just today, and everyone still leave their peaceful life.
You can use even my ideas, just tell me (・∀・) I don’t think what I will use them

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Here’s something I thought about but I don’t think I can pull it off:

Sci-fi: It’s a dystopian future. Humans have taken to the stars after global warming and pollution rendered the Earth unhabitable. People struggle to make ends meet under a system where money is a serious life or death manner. Oxygen must be paid for with ridiculous amounts of money, some people have artificial robotic organs instead of relying on organic organs because of its efficiency. The trade-off for the efficiency is money. If they don’t pay their monthly fees for their artificial robotic organs, they will cease to work.

The wealthy are nearly robotic and immortal with the ability pay for everything and anything. Children are also socially pressured to get things like robotic limbs, genetic modifications, and etc. And some kids get bullied for not having such things.

This is an old K&T idea I never got to write:

Romance/Fantasy: After a rumor about the MC hooking up with and dating the most popular boy at school, MC is cursed, turning everyone she kisses isn’t stone. MC tries to find a way to break the curse by seeking help from the outcast “witch” girl at school (Female LI) and her twin brother (Male LI) while also trying to find out who has cursed her. The twist is that the person who cursed the MC is the popular boy’s nerdy secret boyfriend because popular boy is actually gay and using the MC as his cover/beard.


I don’t think it’s the hardest part of writing a story! I think getting people to read your episode is the hardest part, but that’s another rant.
Coming up with story ideas is my favorite part of writing on episode. I usually don’t like coding as much as I like coming up with characters, plot, and dialog!
Here’s a couple ideas I’ve had that I’ve never really got to use (yet). Feel free to draw inspiration from them, but I don’t recommend taking them directly from me.

Piper and Pulman (Adventure): After a mysterious flu-like disease wiped out most of the human population and eliminated all internet, mass travel, and modern communication, the only world Henry Piper has know is Marcus Pulman, his long-time academic rival. They live in the ruins of their high school, frequently searching the outside world for resources, or better yet, other people, but none have been found yet.
The whole point of the story is to show how pointless some things are (grades, beating other people for a meaningless award) once everything is taken away from you. I haven’t written it yet, so I don’t know if they’ll fall in love or not. I kinda just make all my characters gay for each other, and I don’t know if that’s a bad or good thing :man_shrugging:.

(I might still write this one so ask me before using it if you want to)
Adventure Awaits for the Gentleman in Green (I’m also still debating the title because I don’t really know what it’s about) (Adventure)- It’s 1890, and France had entered the Belle Epoque, or golden age during the Third Republic. But Augustus Blair Bambino (Augustus to his father and Blair to everyone else), is a hard-partying, debaucherous, women-and-sometimes-men-loving, problem child.
His father wants him to take over his family business, a career that would be as lucrative as it would be boring for Blair. His father gives him approximately 5 months to clean up his act before he has to settle down. So he decides to take a wild crusade across Europe with the intelligent, wealthy, and beautiful Ariel Black, the one girl who won’t love him, Robbie Valentine, his good-influence childhood friend who might be fostering not-so-straight feelings for Blair, and his pretty-much-okay-with-anything butler, Gladstone. Adventure Awaits!

Lol that was longer than I expected.

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