Boxing Day Deals: Drive Access/Commissions etc

I thought I would do a few bargains up for Boxing Day, so here we go!

The deals include:

Purchase my Deluxe Drive, and be added to my other 2 drives for free!

Commission a 3 zone background and get a custom 2 zone background for free!

Commission a bust-up art piece, and have it upgraded to half body for free/get a second bust-up piece for free, or combine to a two-person bust up.


£6 for 3 episodes!

£5 for 2 chapters (patreon bonus scenes (written in novel format etc)

All deals are available until midnight 31st December GMT

Please remember to DM to confirm your order and for payment info me before making any payments!

You can see examples of my backgrounds etc on my thread here on the forums, see my profile page, or on my Instagram @ cheyara_writes58



Bump! Still a little time left :blush:
DM here or Instagram.

@Sydney_H could you please close this, thank you!
And Happy New Year :blush:

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