Boy char needed!

I need ink characters !

mc 2 cousin (boy or girl) ; @The_Corgi_Queen
mc2 ex (girl) ; @episodegrace
mc1 ex (boy/girl) ; @lvqbrl
former gang member (boy/girl) ; @SASB
mc2 bestfriend (boy);

ill need:
char details
you char’s age ! (somewhere between 17 and 20)
your insta or forum user for creds !



do you have insta so i could cred ? & do you wanna be the mc 2’s cousin or ex?

and whats her name?

credit - forum username @sierra.martinez
personality - sassy, stubborn, lovable, supportive, acts tough but is lowkey a softie, honest, talkative
age - umm… maybe 19 lol idk

okayy ! what role do u wanna be ?

maybe a former gang member or ex? sry idk haha! just not cousin

straight? or lesbii because if youre lesbi then you can be mc #1’s ex!

Here ya go, love :two_hearts:

My details

Role: Former gang member or ex
Name: Naya or Nay
Skin: Light
Brow: Seductive Round
Hair: Updo Braided Crown (Black)
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Blue)
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Full Round (Blush)
OUTFIT (But doesn’t matter, I do have glasses tho, lol)
Black Short Onesie Bottom, Plain Swimsuit Top (Cream), Small Fishnets, Wedding Long Sleeve, Lace Top (Dusty Purple), Thin Clear Circular Glasses, Calf Boots Black


Very tough hearted and truthful, but also very kind and generous. When their is someone in need, it’s her obligation to try and fix things, and sometimes that gets her into trouble. She’s sometimes picky, and towards relationships, it’s hard for her to connect with someone, but she’ll know when the time is right, when the person is just overall a genuine person. She may seem tough, but she just like anyone else.


I’m pansexual, so yeah.



i’ll be les so i can be the ex of mc #1 :))

okay !

okay, tysm ! do you have insta so i could cred?

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Yes I do, it’s @sasb.stories

okay :))

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