Boy/Girl Trouble Thread

Oki, so I’m really bored and I know we all have boy/girl trouble romantically. So I was thinking, why not make a thread where people can get help and rant about their boy/girl trouble? So, on this thread write your boy/girl trouble and maybe someone can help you, or just writing it down might help, idk :woman_shrugging:.

Of course, every thread has rules, so here are mine:

  • Be nice, I don’t care for rudeness, have nothing nice to say, leave. If you are gonna give someone harsh/hard truth warn them and hide it.

  • Drama Let’s get one thing straight, everyone (including me) likes drama, whether it’s on TV, in real life, or you are the center of it, everyone likes it. You can create drama, I don’t care, just be nice and if you go off topic take it to a PM.

  • Pushing someone or prying Their personal life is theirs and they don’t have to share it with you. Here you write what happened, someone talks to you but don’t be asking personal questions unless you ask permission and they give it to you.

  • Strong Language Don’t include it unless you blur it. If it’s directed someone I will flag you :grin:

My boy issues XD

Last year I found out a boy liked me, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I lied at told everyone I liked him back. (I really don’t), anyway, I don’t know if he still likes me and this year he is all of my core classes and it’s ughhhhhhh.

My aunt got remarried and they have new in-law family and new friends. One of their friends has a red-head son (his name is Wyatt, but I call him "the red-head bc I’m weird) and he is my age. We were at the lake one time and I was tubing with my cousin, she told me (before her mom mentioned anything) that they were gonna try to get me to date him. I flatly said, “No.” Then when we were getting ready to drive home my aunt was all like, “Do you like him?” “Do you think he’s cute?” “Is he nice?” “You should date him!” all I said was, “No!” That was a lie, he’s cute and toned! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So today, my cousin had a b-day party, and guess who was there…? The red-head, and he looked hot! And every time someone had a conversation with me he just “happened” to be brought up. Ok, no problem, until we were walking past him and my cousins said his name really loudly and he watched us. Then, I was talking to my mom, aunts, and grandma and they were like “So, do you like Wyatt?” “Is he nice?” “Do you think he’s cute?” “You guys should date!” And I was like, I don’t care but then Wyatt just “happened” to walk into the house when they asked the question “do you like him?” I luckily saw my cousin and left, but omg no! :woman_facepalming:

I have a guy best friend since kindergarten and we are in 8th grade now and everyone says we should be together because we would be cute together apparently, so anyway, we can’t ever hang out together cuz then it’s considered “a date” or we get teased and it gets uncomfortable. Which it shouldn’t be, because if we’re uncomfortable together than that means we have feelings for each other, and ew I don’t like him like that. :tired_face:

I tried being professional and not my weird self, how did I do? :joy: I’m sorry, I’m weird :joy:

I don’t know if this is in the right category or if this thread has already been made, if so, sorry for the duplicate.

Oki, byeeeee! :grin:


I don’t have trouble now, not interested in relationships anymore lol but there was this guy who liked me but he had a staring problem, he would always stare at me in highschool which creeped me out. it was really bad to to point where when students from the school set up an an anonymous thing (ask fm or something like that) where you can send people positive messages, someone wrote he seems nice but needs to stop staring since its creepy oh my. But for real, being stared at like that was scary. I didn’t do or say anything which sucks BUT if you are suffering from someone staring at you, my advice is to tell them it makes you uncomfortable. You deserve to be happy and not stared at for like really long.

p.s even though I consider myself lucky as I got my dream guy’s attention, unfortunately i have bad luck when it comes to guys, they always end up being…not good :sweat: All of my experiences have forever turned me off falling in love, single life is the best life :rofl: :blob_hearts:


:joy::joy: true, and I’m sorry about the staring thing that sounds horrible, and that your luck with guys are bad, I know you’ll find someone tho!


Aww, thanks but there is no in the world for me except me :rofl: :dancer:
After you see too many bad relationships, you kinda wanna stay away from all that lol plus i think my bloodline’s cursed, whoever cursed us to have bad luck in relationships, remove it and I’ll give you a cookie :joy: :cookie:


:joy::joy: I hope you do find someone tho


Meh, I’d rather have food. Doesn’t cheat, doesn’t lie and doesn’t leave me stranded :rofl::woman_facepalming:t4:


:joy::joy: that might b me in the future


ooo a thread for me lol. i always give my best friends boy advice if they tell me about it :joy::grimacing:

about the guy that liked you and you didn’t like him, you really should’ve said you didn’t like him. regardless of if you didn’t want to hurt his feelings because by you saying you liked him you might’ve got his hopes up.

about “the red head”. maybe it can go somewhere? he might have an interest in you. try to get to know him the next time you see him/ask for his number. but sometimes we get crushes because they’re attractive but when you get to know them it could change. but your aunt and grandma tho. imagine if you tell them you’re dating lol.

anyway im gonna talk about me lol. wow i’m saying lol too many times anyway

i kinda like (idrk) this guy that i see when i go ice skating. i catch him staring a lot lol. idk if it’ll go anywhere but :woman_shrugging:


oh and i got bold and was gonna give him my number but he wasnt there :sob:


Ooh approach himmmm, and the read head lives in another city, and I don’t think he’d like me, I’m crazy :joy::joy::joy:

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Awwwww, mayb next time XD

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i mean there is long distance? maybe i’ll give him my # but im not bold anymore like i was that day :pensive:


You’ll discover, food is life :rofl::rofl:


:pensive: well, I hope you do give him ur #

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When I do, I’m gonna regret ever thinking abt boys :joy::joy:

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thanks :slight_smile: but like i havent seen him for some time so the feelings might’ve faded away. but i might get a crush when i go back to school. (hopefully not tho. i don’t want to deal with boy trouble ahh.)

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XD yeah, it sucks :joy::joy:

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I still like the same guy for years and he goes to a different school and I’m not even his friend. And I’ve only seen him like a couple times and we have not talked. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

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There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re probably just nervous

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And it’s really weird I haven’t had an actual crush since him. I keep getting what feels like crushes but they’re actually not crushes. So idk.

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