Boy (Or Girl) Advice Thread


For anyone who needs boy (or girl) advice come here. You can either PM me the advice needed if it is too personal to share on a thread or just post it in the replys. I need boy advice that I can’t figure out too :sweat_smile:

So I used to be in love with my best friend (he knew he loved me too) we tried it out, and got in trouble with our parents since he is older than me. Now I’m not allowed to talk to him, but he wants to make peace with us and be my friend again, I really want to try again but so far my parents won’t let me. Also here is a little back story. My friend and me were friends for like 3 years before we started messing around or whatever, before it all he had huge jealous problems like I would hang out with a guy or talk to one and he would get mad. Every time I started liking a guy he would even get in the way and show me the reason not to like him and I sould go with it. I haven’t seen or spoke to him in 6 months and I miss him so bad, I have been so depressed without him my whole family sees it but make fun of it. At the end stages of me and him messing around he started messing around with my family’s close friend (tried saying she was my cousin but I hated her and there is no blood) at that point I couldn’t stand him, she is horrible she used to try to talk bad about him without knowing him and then started dating him. A few weeks ago they broke up because she went crazy and cheated on him. Right when he wanted to make peace with me is right when i fall in love with someone else, its like he has a tracker on me when ever i fall in love with someone else he has to mess it up (heh). And now I don’t know who I like anymore I feel like my feelings may be coming back for him even though it was a while ago, he confuses me so much tnough. The guy I like right now is the most adorable guy ever he is nice, caring everything. But so was the other but only with me (he was a real jerk with everyone but i was an exeption :joy:) soooooo idk what to do with my problem but can help others :sweat_smile:


Hey umm people say this boy likes me but I am not really sure ???I told my mom he is always playing around with me (by that I mean teaching my hair and touching my shoulder he says he didn’t do it and just messes with me not like in a annoying way but yea) My mom says he probably likes me cause he’s ”flirting” with me :joy::joy::joy:Can you give me advice :rofl:


Hmmm it sounds like he is a awkward flirter, do you like him back? Does he have friends that you can ask if he likes you? (I think he likes you based off what you said, so if you like him back I say go get your man!)


Ok thanks and yeah I might have a slight crush on him