BOYS! I wanna see how many men are in the episode forums community!


If you’re a boy, please reply to this topic, if you don’t want to then don’t.

The Bachelor - Forum Edition

@Liam1 :rofl:


there are a lot of threads on this specific topic you know. not to be rude but its kinda getting repetitive.


All you have to do is ignore it.


uhh okay i was just pointing it out, theres no need to chase after all the guys in this community :roll_eyes:


I’m not chasing after anyone! I just knew that there are less men in this community than women and I actually just wanted to observe.


hey i have a thread that has a lot of guys on it: How many guys are on the forums?


There is a few


Oh! I’ll go here. Thanks! @Jeremy please close this thread!


all i am saying is use other threads theres no need to be clogging up forums with this stuff okay? calm down omg


no problem


If I didn’t have to deal with this drama it would be appreciated. Kudos! (Btw, I don’t get worked up over silly comments like yours.)


Omg no boys so far lol


its not drama please look up the meaning of drama. im just advising you - take adcvice it will help, a lot. calm down. bye :roll_eyes:


go to @AnonymousAuthor1 thread!


Thank you! Bye.


Okay thx I was just curious


No problem.


plasters on fake mustache
Yo sup I’m KKING :sunglasses::point_right:


@KaiTheEpisodian, my brother is here! :star_struck: